Ipomoea Quamoclit feathers - Pennata - Cipreste tree, vine cipreste glory, trepadeira, vine kiss-flower, viola rope Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: ipomoea quamoclit feathers – pennata
Variety: mix – white flower (alba), rose (red) and red (red)
Common name: cipreste tree, vine cipreste glory, trepadeira, vine kiss-flower, viola rope, cipreste ringer
Family: convovulaceae
Origin: central america and india
Height: 2,00 – 6,50 meters
Luminosity: full sun, partial shading


Mix of white, roses and red flowers

Trepadeira of the family convulaceae, native of tropical regions of the americas, mexico and india; where is widely cultivated as an ornamental plant; flowering in summer and autumn. In cold temperature regions is treated as an annual plant.

Their leaves are well different from other ipomoeas, in the form of feathers and lemon green coloring, the tubular flowers can be white, roses and red. The plantation of the three varieties in conjunction will form a colorful belism.

Species prefer its plant in the full sun, where prospes with greater success and excellent development, but is tolerant to partial shading. Appreciates only humid that offers good drainage.

In tropical and subtropical regions, the auto species semeia after the first plant.

The species are quite rustic and easy to cultivate, suitable for coverage of slings, arches, caramanchões and grades. The species may become invasive in certain regions of brazil.

Roots, leafs and seeds have medical properties.

Especially attractive for kisses-flowers and butterflies.

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