Borago officinalis 'Alba' - Blowing, flower of joy, borage white flowering Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: borago officinalis alba
Cultivar: alba
Common name: blowing, flower of joy, borage white flowering
Family: boraginaceae
Origin: syria
Height: 60 – 80 cm


With flowers in the heavy blue color and its juicy leaf is known; but not also common and known is the form also beautiful alba, which has white and perfect flowers in the form of stars. Each flower is focused in five black stamps that magnifyly expose your beauty.

White crush is identical to the growth habit for its blue counterpower, growing like a bush between 60 and 80 centimeters of height. White literacy talos have to be a little more resistant and the plant generally flows later later, generally in the station next to its blue premium. Her wrinkled, green-silver leaves are better described by the arabic name lisan atheur, which describes the shape and the texture of the leaf as lingua de touro properly.

Borago grows well in a position with full sun and tolera the partial shadow, well adapt also in all the types of soil since they provide good drainage and prefer higher moisture content during the whole growth phase.

Borago is a very important flower for bees and beekeepers. The flowers that grow up around the caule appear from the beginning of the summer to the middle at the end of the autumn, providing so much pollution to need prodigious quantities over the season.

In something climates will flower continuously during the most part of the year.
Traditionally the species was cultivated for culinary and medicinal use, but today’s commercial cultivation is mainly like one of the oleaginoses. Seed oil is explored as a source of acid-inolenic.

Their flowers are also comfortable and used in the decoration of dishes, like salads, desserts and beverages.
His use as a vegetable is common in germany, in the spanish regions of aragon and navarra, in the greek island of crete and in the north of the italian region of liguria. Although many times used in soups, one of the most known germed cleaning recipes is the green sauce made in frankfurt. In the coastal region of liguria in italy, the species are commonly used as a fill in the traditional ravioli masses. Also it is very used in poland to taste cucumber conserves.

In hortas is an excellent companion and protector of plants of tomatoes, spinafres, couves and also strawberries.

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