Moringa concanensis - Konkan Moringa Seeds

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Botanical nomencltuara: Moringa concanensis
Common name: Konkan Moringa
Family: Moringaceae


Moringa conanensis is a tree in the Moringaceae family. Its native range is from Pakistan to northwest India. Familiar names include Konkan Moringa, Jangli sargua, Nugge, and Kaadu nugge. It grows naturally as a slender tree habit in dry forests and is under pressure from urbanization and agriculture. It can grow to around 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide. A similar-looking species to the Moringa oleifera, except the leaves are bipinnate and have a powerful central trunk. The bark has an extremely thick layer that can be more than 6 inches thick. The flowers have green patches at the tips of the petals and sepals. It prefers to grow in full sun with average water needs. Zones 9-11


Soak seeds for 24 to 36 hours in water. Place seeds in a plastic bag. Store seeds in a dark, warm place like a drawer or cabinet. Check your seeds every day for 21 days to see if germination has started. Do not add extra water to the bag. Remove germinated seeds with a quarter-inch root and plant.

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