Viola x Wittrockiana ‘Clear Crystals Black’ - Perfect Love Black Crystals, Black Perfect Love Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: Viola x Wittrockiana ‘Clear Crystals Black’
Cultivate: Clear Crystals Black
Common Name: Perfect Love Black Crystals, Black Perfect Love
Family: Violaceae
Height: 15 – 30 Cm
Brightness: Full Sun, Partial Shading, Shadow
Climate: See Description Below


This black pansy is truly stunning, a valuable addition in our gardens.
The plants are compact, support 2 to 3 flowers of velvety consistency and deep black, dazzling.

They are beautiful in planting together with other plants of small size and diverse colors, promoting an amazing highlight in flower beds of multiple species.

Resistant to cold and mild frosts, they will bloom in their first year in cultivation.

In regions where the climate is very hot, the species should receive protection from the sun, its flowers will wither in high temperatures.

The seeds germinate more readily in dark places (they need dark places to germinate), without any solar incidence.

Especially gratifying is its planting together with white and yellow blooms, make a magnificent spectacle.

Regions where continuous frosts occur in winter, the species will behave as annual, in other regions as biennial or perennial.

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