Schisandra chinensis - Magnolia-Vine, Chinese Magnolia-Vine, Schisandra, Magnolia Berry, Five-Flavor-Fruit Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: schisandra chinensis
Common Name: Magnolia-Vine, Chinese Magnolia-Vine, Schisandra, Magnolia Berry, Five-Flavor-Fruit
Family: Schisandraceae
Origin: north and northeast of china
Brightness: Partial Shading, Half Shadow
Soil: Requires soil with good moisture and good drainage, rich in humus.
Height: Between 4.50 and 8 meters.
Climate: mild tropical, tropical in altitude, subtropical


The requirements for success in growing them are considered similar to growing grapes.

Cherry of the 5 flavors is a woody vine, preferring its cultivation in partially shaded, nutrient-rich soil that retains moisture and promotes good drainage. The species is dioecious, requiring a female plant and a male plant for fruit production.

In its place of origin, tens of tons of berries are used annually in the commercial production of juices, wines, extracts and sweets.

Its name in Chinese comes from the fact that its fruits have all five basic flavors: salty, sweet, sour, spicy and bitter.

Its fruits are used in traditional Chinese medicine, where it is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs.

The great interest in schisandra chinensis in Russia arises from the results of ethnopharmacological investigations of Russian scientists in the far east region, where fruits and seeds were used by hunters to improve night vision, as a tonic to reduce hunger, thirst and tiredness. Pharmacological studies in animals have shown that schisandra increases physical work ability and provides a protective effect against stress.

An extensive list of the positive effects of schisandra chinensis on the human organism is reported and deserve special attention in this area.

Undoubtedly, this rare combination of flavors, the cherry of the 5 flavors, awakens at the very least; the curious tasting test …