Prunus spinosa - Sloe, Blackthorn, Wilplum, Wild Cherry, Abrunheiro Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: Prunus spinosa
Common Name: Sloe, Blackthorn, Wilplum, Wild Cherry, Abrunheiro
Family: Rosaceae
Origin: Central Europe, West Asia, Northwest Africa
Height: 3,50 – 8,00 Meters
Luminosity: Full Sun, Partial Shading


Aromatic white flower and black-blue fruit.

Prunus spinosa is a bush or small deciding tree of tortuosa and abundant branching. The flowers are hermafroditas (they have male and feminine organs) and are pollinated by insects.

A notable species to attract wild animals, it is also an important food fountain for bees and poultry. Densa ramagem provides a great place for the nidification of pardais, tentilhões and rouxinósis.

In its habitat of origin generally grows in sebes, forests and forests of forests. So lives on basic soils as acids, prefering the fresh but drained. Enough tolerant the maritime exhibition.

Very vigorous, rustic growing plant after well established and potentially ornamental, generally used in european gardens by the colorful beautiful of your flower and of their fruits.

Flowers are edible and can be crystallized or sugared.

Your very hard wood is used for turned tools and turned objects.

The cherry size and dark blue fruit in the maturation are very used in the production of jellies, canned, liqueurs, as a flavoring gins, beers, in the preparation of sauces and chutneys.

In the north of spain, the fruits of this species are used in the preparation of the most comfortable liquor known as pacharán or patxaran

In germany, fruits are used in the preparation of a sweet traditionally consumed liqueur in that region and in france in the preparation of differentiated beers. In france, the non-ripe fruit is also prepared as olive.

Prunus spinosa can be cultivated in vases decorating varandas and quarters sunny or semi shaded.

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