Ficus racemosa - Goolar, Cluster fig tree Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Ficus racemosa
Common name: goolar, cluster fig tree, figo-cacho
Family: moraceae
Origin: tropical asia and australia
Height: 12 – 30 meters
Luminosity: full sun, partial shadow


The most characteristic aspect of this tree is the red figures in short cushions, which grow directly out of the tree trunk. Goolar is a common tree found in cities and villas. Perene, with always green leaves, if it is close to a water fountain. Otherwise, in areas of extended drying, a deciduous species (caduca) become.

In open deciduous forests, along the river lands on the low lands, wetlands, close to rivers and streams, at altitudes that can vary from 100 – 1,700 meters above the level of the sea.

Reach and distribution area:
Tropical asia, south of china, subcontinent indian, thailand, vietnam, malaysia, indonesia, new guinea, africa, egypt, ethiopia, hawaii and australia.

The flowers are mainly pollinated by sticks and, evenually by bees.

Fig goolar, has a tortuous trunk and many times with an irregular crown, can grow from 12 to 30 meters of height. The trunk trains deeperly reinforced as it grows and can be from 40 to 90 centimeters of diameter.

There are more than 750 varieties of fig and no other plan has influenced the imagination in transcorring the history.

Extremely decorative tree, a magnificent exemplary, a true monument of replies of stories.

Edible applications:
In nature or cooked fruit. The fruit is used in various preservations and accompaniments of hot and salad dishes, and the dry fruit is also moisted in a flour and mixed with milk and sugar to be tasted as a delicious breakfast. Green fruits are used in the preparation of cakes and cakes. Leaves are meats as vegetables and young brothers are used in hot salads and soups. Ripe fruits are tasted in natura.

Medical use:
The leaves are used in the treatment of diarrhea. Shell is used in the treatment of hematuria, menorragia and hemoptise. Sap is a popular remedy in bombaim in inflammatory glandular applications and caxumba, as well as in the treatment of gonorria. Root is mastigated as amigdalite treatment.

Ficus racemosa is frequently used to provide shade for coffee plantation. It is used for stabilization of enclosures, barrances and margins of rivers, because it produces a deep and dissolved road system. The sheets provide valuable coverage for poor people. Other uses: latex is used in the production of water resistant paper and as plasticizer. The strawberry wood is gross, large, soft and soft granulation; very durable under water and, therefore, explored to embrace wells and laundries.

The species can also be cultivated in various decorating interiors well illuminated.

A very used exemplary in the bonsai millennium art.

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