Musa itinerans - Burmese Blue, Blue Burmese Banana Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Musa itinerans
Common Name: Burmese Blue, Blue Burmese Banana
Family: Musaceae
Origin: northern thailand
Height: 3.50 – 4.00 meters
Brightness: Partial Shading, Shadow


This rare and moderately sized banana is found in Burma, northern Thailand, Laos and Vietnam. It was formerly associated with both the museum acuminata and the balbisian musa, but it is now believed to be more closely related musa and similar to the recently described variety m.guangdongensis, but it is not the same one that grows considerably larger and develops new buds (stolons). 2 to 3 meters away from the main plant (parent plant).

The ripe fruits are bluish to purple, small and are much appreciated locally in Thai cuisine.

It is currently not known in cultivation, but is unlikely to pose any particular challenges to cultivation in tropical and / or temperate climates.

It is a more cold-resistant variety, occurring in its original habitat at altitudes that can range from 200 – 1800 meters along steep roads, ravines and slopes. It can withstand seasonal frost, quickly emerging new leaves in early spring.

Note: This species has been treated by some as the newly discovered musa guangdongensis, but it is not the same species.

In cultivation, it requires conditions that suit ferns rather than ordinary and regular banana trees; due to its native habitat.

Seed supply for this species is extremely limited.

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