Jacaratia mexicana 'Maroon' - Mexican Brown Jacaratia, Bonnet, Jacaratia Maroon, Mexican Papaya Jacaranda Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Jacaratia mexicana ‘Maroon’
Common name: Mexican Brown Jacaratia, Bonnet, Jacaratia Maroon, Mexican Papaya Jacaranda
Family: caricaceae
From Central America – South of Mexico to Nicaragua
Height: 5,00 – 12,00 meters
Brightness: full sun
Climate: see description below


Jacaratia mexican maroon is extremely rare in cultivation outside of Mexico; found in some (few) botanical gardens and some (few) collectors.

A fantastic papaya with strongly winged fruits that ripen to yellow and wine with the reddish-yellow-sweet flesh.

General description:
Jacaratia mexicana is a deciduous shrub or small tree that grows 5 – 10 feet tall, with occasional growing specimens slightly taller. The trunk is conical, smooth-skinned, with weak horizontal furrows (perhaps scars from remaining leaves), very thick at the base, tapering upwards and dividing into some thicker branches. Female trees produce oblong, angular and grooved papaya-like fruits with reddish-yellow flesh that is edible and tasty.

The edible fruit is sometimes collected from nature for local consumption. The plant is also occasionally grown for its delicious sweet fruits.

Wet or dry forest of lowland or scrub, in low to moderate elevations, at 1,500 meters. Arid hills of El Salvador.

A species of rapid growth, plants can begin flowering when they are about 3 feet tall.

Edible uses:
The fruits are sweet and usually eaten in natura.
The fruits can also be cooked foods or can be used in the preparation of assorted sweets, juices and liqueurs, salads among others. The fruit is on average 20 centimeters long, sometimes slightly larger and, 10 – 15 centimeters wide.

A kind of tortilla is made using starch from the trunk. It is said that when maize is scarce, the Maya of Yucatan pulverize the plant and mix it with corn to make tortillas.

Drought resistant and possibly resistant to moderate frost.

The seeds offered come from selected trees with exceptional fruit quality.

A magnificent specimen, extremely rare and, which we are very happy to add to our collection.

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