Passiflora edulis f. edulis - Gulupa Passionflower Maracuja, Chulupa, Sweet Purple Passion Fruit Seeds


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Botanical nomenclature: Passiflora edulis f. edulis
Common nomenclature: Gulupa Passionflower Maracuja, Chulupa, Sweet Purple Passion Fruit
Family: passifloraceae
Origin: northern argentina, paraguay, mexico
Brightness: full sun, partial shading


Fruits tasted fresh and delicious.

The origin of this species is from northern Argentina, Paraguay and mountainous areas of Mexico, in the states of Puebla and Veracruz. The culture developed mainly in Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ivory Coast, Australia and New Zealand.

Vigorous vine that can reach between 6 – 10 meters, very aromatic, with orange pulp, shiny, sweet and very tasty.

Withstands temperatures up to – 10 º C after well established and has adapted very well at altitudes between 1200 – 3000 m.

In California it is grown mainly for its tasty fruits and as an ornamental species. Its fruits are generally consumed in natura, in the preparation of juices, sweets, jellies and ice cream.

In dense spacing, with good weed control and adequate fertilization, the annual harvest can reach 200 – 300 fruits per vine, that is, 200,000 to 300,000 fruits per ha.

The practice of pruning has been shown to be quite effective, improving the air flow, reducing diseases, facilitating weeding, irrigation, spraying and harvesting.

Sweet purple passion fruit is a great producer, has fast growth and its fruits are delicious, besides having long shelf life

The fruits are consumed fresh, or in the form of juices, ice cream, cocktails and sweets.

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