Arabis alpina caucasica Compacta Snowfix - Caucasus rock cress Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: arabis caucasica snowfix
Common name: Caucasus rock cress, mountain light, wall rockcress, wall cress
Family: brassicaceae
Origin: Europe and Asia


Height: 10 – 15 cm
Brightness: full sun, partial shading

Caucasus rock cress is a perennial plant that forms a carpet full of flowers throughout spring and summer.

Very aromatic species, both flowers and leaves are edible and very tasty, usually added to salads and tasted in natura.

Arabis caucasica snowfix is ??a variety widely explored by landscapers around the world for its magnificent flowering and excellence in visual appeal.

The species forms a beautiful carpet of olive leaves, literally suffocated by a splendor of white flowers.

In the garden it is very suitable for the formation of massifs, rock or rock gardens, in roof and cracks in walls form a beautiful veil promoting a great spectacle, coverings of large sunny spaces and, a true wildcard for borders in beds or planting in suspended pots ; an invitation to kiss flowers and butterflies.

Wall cress is frost-tolerant and remains green throughout the winter.

The seeds germinate promptly within two to four weeks, on a light and porous substrate with adequate and constant humidity; transplantation to a definitive location is adequate between four and five weeks after germination, with a 20 cm spacing between plants.

Robust plant that can also be grown in semi-shaded areas.

It blooms in its first year in cultivation.

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