Aubrieta deltoidea 'Blue Cascade' - Rock Cress Cascading Blue Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Aubrieta deltoidea ‘Blue Cascade’
Common name: Rock Cress Cascading Blue
Family: Brassicaceae


Rock Cress is a perennial plant that forms a flower-filled rug throughout spring and summer.

The species forms a beautiful carpet of grayish green leaves, literally suffocated by a splendor of flowers.

In the garden is very suitable for formation of massifs, rock or rock gardens, roofing and crevices of walls form a beautiful colorful veil promoting a great spectacle, large sunny spaces lining and a true joker for borders in flower beds or planting in pots. suspended; An invitation to kiss flowers and butterflies.

Aubrieta is frost tolerant and stays green all winter long.