Viola cornuta 'Johnny Jump-Up' - Violet, Horned Pansy, Horned Violet Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Viola cornuta ‘Johnny Jump-Up’
Common name: Violet, Horned Pansy, Horned Violet
Grow: johnny jump-up
Family: violaceae
Height: 10 – 15 cm
Brightness: full sun, partial shading, shadow
Edible flowers


These violets are the mime and color of all the gardens. Adored and cared for by its beautiful flowering and soft aroma that permeate everything and everyone around you.

They form true bouquets of small flowers of intense color that reproduce and frame paths without needing to be replanted; on the contrary, they surprise us in places we did not think we could find them.

A true gift, a relic like so many that I have been bringing and presenting with great respect and enchantment.

This is a species that can not be part of, whether planted in pots or directly on the ground, of any residence.

Testimonials about you are true pearls.

Jonny jump, besides giving us throughout the year with its flowering and pleasant aroma, are also edible; That’s right, besides, they also decorate our cuisine.