Phoenix dactylifera - True Date Palm Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Phoenix dactylifera
Common name: True Date Palm
Family: Arecaceae


The date palm (from the Arabic ?????, tamar) or date palm (Phoenix dactylifera) is a palm tree extensively cultivated for its edible fruits, the dates. Because it has been cultivated for millennia, its natural area of ??distribution is unknown, but it would originate from the oases in the desert zone of North Africa, although there are those who admit an origin in southwest Asia. It is a medium-sized palm tree, 15 to 25 meters tall, sometimes appearing in clumps, with several spikes (palm tree stem) sharing the same root system, but generally growing isolated. The leaves are pinnate fronds, up to three meters long, with a spiny petiole and around 150 leaflets. Each leaflet is about 30 cm long and 2 cm wide.

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