Yucca rostrata - Beaked Yucca Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: Yucca rostrata
Common name: Beaked Yucca
Family: Agavaceae
Origin: North America
Minimun temperature: -20° C
The Ideal Temperatures Are Between 17 And 19 ° C.


Love Sunny Places Therefore Put In Very Bright Areas, Preferably In Full Sun.

Land: The Ideal Soil For This Plant Must Be Very Well Drained Soil, Rich In Sand And Coarse Material To Allow Good Drainage; Generally Prefer Acid Soil And Should Be Repotted Every Other Year. Use Shallow Vessels Reduces The Problems Associated With Stagnant Water, Use Slightly Larger Bowls Of The Plant. Ideal Would Be The Use Of A Specific Soil For Cacti.

Water Requirements: These Plants Are Very Undemanding In Terms Of Watering, You Generally Satisfied With The Rains In Winter In Central And Southern Italy, While It Must Be Ordered To Shelter In The Mountains And In The North, Stand Up Well Even Short Periods Of Drought; However, From March To October Annaffiatele Go Regularly But Sparingly.

Nutritional requirements: Apply Fertilizer From Spring Until Early Autumn (april To October) Every 2 Weeks With A Liquid Fertilizer With Irrigation Water Administered Using Only Unfertilizzante Specific Cactaceae.durante Winter Suspend The Fertilizing.

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