Heliconia champneiana 'Splash' - Heliconia Freckles, Heliconia Splash Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Heliconia Champagneian Splash
Grow: splash
Common name: heliconia freckles, heliconia splash
Family: Heliconiaceae
Origin: belize, honduras and guatemala
Height: between 2.00 and 3.00 meters in height.
Luminosity: full sun, half shadow, shadow


Beautiful cultivar in the family of heliconies and with huge landscape appeal.

A kind of medium-sized, erect, flourishing continuously throughout the whole year.

Heliconia Champagneian Splash preferes its crop in rich soils with high organic content, good moisture and excellent drainage. Developes well when growing in full sun or partial shadow.

This is a heliconia with stunning flowering, wherever it seems like the gold of its arms have received brushes in red and also toned tones.

Like most in your family, it can be easily cultivated in vases and is extensivally explored as cut flower, giving us with indescribable floral arrangements.

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