Valeriana officinalis - Saint jorge herb, valerian Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: valeriana officinalis anthos
Cultivar: anthos (pink flower)
Common name: herva de são jorge, valeriana, cat herb
Family: valerianaceae
Origin: europe and asia
Luminosity: half shadow
Climate: see description below
Height: 60 cm – 100 cm


The species are tolerant adverse weather situations.

Valeriana officinalis (anthos) is a cultivar developed by professionals and is highly qualified commercially within the species.

The species is originating in europe and west asia, grows in forests, humidity and shadows, generally on the waters of lakes and rikes.

It is a herbacea perene, with aroma extremely nice and that like (nepeta cataria), also is very stimulating for the cats, therefore its common name for the species to be also related and associated with the “herb of the cats”.

Her name of the valerian gender, is originated from the latin “valere”, which means health.

Valeriana is cultivated in the fields and in their second year in cultivation, her roots are removed from the earth, clean and placed to dry.

The anthos cultivar for valeriana officinalis contains high level of essential oils, roots are greater and yield is higher to common valerian; form a very nice set in gardens and also can be cultivated in vessels, multiplying fast.

Valeriana officinalis improved growing for commercial production renders 2.5 tons of roots per hectare.

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