Strelitzia nicolai - White Bird of Paradise Seeds

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Botanical nomencltuara: Strelitzia nicolai
Common name: White Bird of Paradise
Origin: tropical and sub-tropical areas of south africa
Family: Strelitziaceae


Her name was given in honor of strelitzia queen charlotte, the wife of king George III of England; she was from the mecklenburg-strelitz house. Nicolai is named after Tsar Nicholas of Russia.

Its inflorescence is composed of shades in dark blue (almost black), white and blue violet

Its exuberance is a splendor, which brings us and makes us lovers of all nature.

The tree produces flowers, and presents us throughout the year; being in larger quantities in the spring? Summer

Very drought tolerant, not withstanding severe frosts.

Fast-growing plant.

Planted directly in the ground, it can reach 6m in height, with several branches

It adapts wonderfully when planted in pots, inviting the delight and pleasure of your company.

Its flowers are a great source of nectar for various types of birds and hummingbirds, making them a constant presence in every garden where it is planted.

Its flowers resemble a bird’s head; and therefore its common name: tree bird of paradise.

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