Puya alpestris - Bromeliad alpestris, bromeliad sapphire tower, bromeliad peacock flower Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Puya alpestris
Common name: bromeliad alpestris, bromeliad sapphire tower, bromeliad peacock flower
Family: bromeliaceae
Source: chile
Height: 0.60 – 2.80 meter
Brightness: full sun or half shade
Climate: see description below


There are more than 3,000 species of bromeliads, puya alpestris is the blue queen, the bromeliad peacock flower, the sapphire tower.

An absolutely spectacular bromeliácea coming from dry pastures, rocky and mountainous in the center and south of Chile.

This species forms a compact rosette of narrow leaves that are green above and silver-white below.

The large, club-shaped inflorescence has a cone of large, beautiful peacock-blue flowers.

Resistant to drought, cold, and heat; this species would probably be highly successful in dry, Mediterranean temperate climates, among many others.

This species is extremely resistant and tolerant to the diversity of climates.

A tower of blue-oil flowers, an unbelievable explosion and very rare in bloom … a real gift in the splendor of nature. The bloom of this bromeliad is absolutely incredible and very difficult to believe, much less to describe.

Local hummingbirds are sure to be frequent visitors.

Bromeliads are colorful, easy to grow, beautiful plants that are resistant indoors and require very little water or attention. Bromeliads are excellent houseplants that bear more neglect than almost any other plant. In the landscape, the bromeliad grows happily in a pot or when planted directly on the ground. They add a colorful touch to any outdoor space, garden or balcony. In cooler areas, a containerized bromeliacea can be reallocated for the winter months.

An extremely ornamental bromeliad and a prize in acquisition.

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