Echinocactus grusonii - Golden Barrel Cactus Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Echinocactus grusonii
Common name: Golden Barrel Cactus
Family: Cactaceae
Origin: Mexico


This well-known cactus is native to steep volcanic slopes in central Mexico where the remaining 250 plants are in critical danger of extinction. This is due both to the flooding of much of its habitat caused by the creation of a dam as well as to the illegal collection of plants. On the brighter side, it is one of the most popular and numerous cacti in cultivation and is now practically exclusively reproduced from cultivated material. In the plant trade it is usually referred to as Golden Barrel Cactus or Mother-in-Law’s Cushion. It is adaptable and does well in most warm temperate climates if provided a sunny position and excellent drainage.

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