Eucalyptus punctata - Eucalyptus gray gum, iron gray gum, gray irongum, gray gum Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: eucalyptus punctata
Common name: eucalyptus gray gum, iron gray gum, gray irongum, gray gum
Family: myrtaceae
Origin: Australia
Brightness: full sun
Height: 35 meters


The species has its common name due to the color of the bark of its trunk reached even when it is very young, about 1 year old, usually with a mix of gold, copper, salmon and various shades of gray; according to photos at the end of the description.

Large eucalyptus, which usually reaches 35 meters in height.

Eucalyptus that provides extremely hard and durable wood that is used in construction and for sleepers.

The multicolored bark of this species gives it a very ornamental aspect, marbled or like a granite stone, making its application cross other cultural aspects, and not only extraction, but also, its use as an ornamental species for decoration and planting in gardens.

Species resistant to frost, drought and poor nutrition, fast growing soils, very durable wood and widely applied in heavy engineering and an important source of pollen for beekeeping.

*** Additional Information:
It occurs naturally in the central region, along the coast and coastal mountains of new south wales, Australia. This area is between sea level at 1,000 m. The average annual rainfall varies from 625 to 1,250 mm. The rainfall regime is characterized by a uniform distribution throughout the year, or by concentrated rain in the summer. The dry season has an average duration of 4 months. Average temperature of 4 months from the highest of the hottest month between 27 to 32ºc, and the minimum of the coldest month between 4 to 5ºc
The frosts occur in an intensity of 1 to 10 days / year. Wood is highly recommended for sawmills, structures, posts and sleepers. It regenerates well by sprouting the strains.

A very ornamental specimen, which during the period of 1 year colors and mixes its trunk in three different ways.

Its leaves are part of the koala diet.

A special purchase for our gardens and for other purposes.

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