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Botanical nomenclature: Eucalyptus wandoo
Common name: Rough-barked Manna Gum
Family: myrtaceae
Origin: Australia


Eucalyptus wandoo is a tree that typically grow to a height of 25 m (82 ft) and forms a lignotuber.

It has smooth white bark, often with patches of white, grey or light brown. Old layers of bark come off in flakes and it is not uncommon for a few flakes to persist on the trunk for a long time.

The wood of this species is extremely dense, and is used for a range of heavy duty construction purposes, including as railway sleepers and wood flooring. There was once an industry in the extraction of tannin from the bark and wood. These days the wood is not much available, as the wandoo forests are preserved for recreation and watershed protection. Wandoo is also famous for the honey produced from its nectar.

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