Meriania nobilis - Motley Meriania, Manacá Colombiano, Meriania, Amarrabollo, Amaraboyo Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: Meriania nobilis
Common Name: Motley Meriania, Manacá Colombiano, Meriania, Amarrabollo, Amaraboyo
Family: Melastomataceae
Origin: Colombia
Height: 5 – 15 Meters
Luminosity: Partial Shading, Shadow
Climate: See Description


Meriania nobilis, in the same family of manacá de serra, is called as one of the most beautiful florida trees in the world!

During the year all, that colombian native is covered with large flowers of luxurious flowers in several purple and red tones.

Meriania nobilis is a perene tree that generally reaches between 6 and 8 meters in height, but it can be possible to grow it like a bush. Even without flowers is a beautiful tree, with big and acetinated leaves that have different veins. The flowers generally appear in the most years of the year.

Flowers are red when they open, then progress through purple and violet tones and their vivid petals are advented by yellow anteries.

That species are native of the mountains of the colombian andes and, unfortunately, you can not hope in very hot climates. It is extremely rare in cultivation; even in botanical gardens.

The tree is found between 1000 and 2900 meters of altitude in colombia, where the temperatures are low to moderate for the whole year, and the frost is almost unexistent. Little knowledge about its tolerance to the climate, but suspected that it may decrease whether the temperatures reach up consistently above the 28º c.

Meriania nobilis can be cultivated in vessels, solid uniformly humid, well drawn and that is lightly acid. Its habitat is of forests, thus i appreciate protection against the strong sun, mainly in the afternoon.

Tree of fast growth. Extremely ornamental and very popular in bogotá. The gender is named after maria merian, entomolist and botanic who worked in suriname at the end of the 17th century. The name of the species comes from the noble (famous) latin, for the fine flowers and the most splendid flowered within the family.

One of the most beautiful florida in the world.

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