Cichorium intybus 'Rossa Di Treviso' - Purple Italian Endive, Purple Treviso Chicory, Radicchio Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Cichorium intybus ‘Rossa Di Treviso’
Common name: Purple Italian Endive, Purple Treviso Chicory, Radicchio
Family: asteraceae
Origin: Italy
Height: 25 – 30 centimeters
Brightness: full sun, partial shading


Maturation and harvest: 6th – 70 days after transplant

Gourmet vegetable from the charming treviso region in italy.

Radichio is a type of chicory, and is in fact classified as chicory in Italy; in north america, the tendency is generally to separate their classification.

Highly valued, this early variety can be enjoyed either sautéed in olive oil, butter or on the grill of a barbecue; a must for all colorful and tasty salads and adding texture as an accompaniment to meat, pasta and fish dishes.

Radichio also grows well in containers, vases or beds, and can be intercalated with other plants in our gardens. The wine-red leaves are very showy and grow well under the leaves of other plants in partial shade.

Harvesting after lower temperatures encourages color and also enhances the flavor.

*** salad chicory can be divided into four groups:
Radicchio (popular Italian variety),
Sugarloaf (popular variety),
Large-leaf chicory, chicory or chicory (catalogna or asparagus chicory),
Belgian endive or chicory (white or bleached varieties from France and Belgium).

The varieties of radichio are named after the Italian regions, from which they originate. Just as parmigiano-reggiano cheese makers in parma, italy, seek to protect the name parmesan to mean only cheeses made in their region under the supervision of a regulatory body, so the radicchio farms in veneto seek to protect the names of some varieties of radicchio like rossa di treviso.

Early and very productive variety, with continuous harvesting if root harvesting is not carried out.

It can be stored in the refrigerator for 3 to 4 weeks after harvest.

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