Allium porrum 'St Victor D'Hiver' - Violet Leaf, Leek Saint Victor Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Allium porrum ‘St Victor D’Hiver’
Common name: Violet Leaf, Leek Saint Victor
Family: alliaceae
Origin: Europe
Height: 70 – 80 centimeters
Brightness: full sun
Cycle: 150 – 255 days


Leek variety of winter. This variety is very resistant to cold and frost, for autumn and winter harvest. Resistant to leek worm.

Foliage is bluish green with brush strokes in purplish-violet tones. Very rustic variety, more resistant, excellent flavor, nutritious and very productive.

Leeks have been known since antiquity. In the bible it is mentioned the lack that leek made to the Jewish people during the crossing of the desert, already at that time its medicinal properties in the treatment of the respiratory system were known.

It has several nutrients, vitamins and minerals: vitamin a, c and b complex, iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and the functional substance called alysin which has anti-inflammatory action and collaborates with the good work of the immune system. It also helps in controlling cholesterol.

Leeks have the same medicinal virtues as garlic, but with a milder flavor and aroma, it is widely used in gourmet cuisine and is one of the most appreciated vegetables by nouvelle cuisine lovers.

The long, wide leaves overlap forming a tender, white and edible stalk. This white and tender part is the most consumed and with a greater variety of preparations, both in stews, soups, pies, salads and delicious when au gratin. The leaves are mostly used to season soups, sauces and to prepare vinaigrettes.

Although commonly treated as a biennial, this plant is truly a perennial plant, also multiplying through small lateral growths.

Note: grows well with most plants, especially roses, carrots, celery, beets and chamomile, but inhibits the growth of legumes. This plant is a bad company for alfalfa, each species negatively affects the other.

Its cultivation is easier than that of the onion, being able to be kept in the soil and making it possible to harvest an always fresh vegetable, straight to the table.

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