Cucurbita maxima 'Hubbard Blue Giant' - Blue Hubbard Squash, Giant Hubbard pumpkin, Colossal Blue pumpkin Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Cucurbita maxima ‘Hubbard Blue Giant’
Cultivar: Blue Hubbard Squash, Giant Hubbard pumpkin, Colossal Blue pumpkin
Common name: giant hubbard pumpkin, colossal blue pumpkin
Family: cucurbitaceae
Origin: marblehead, massachusetts


Brightness: full sun
Harvest: 100 – 120 days
Average weight: 8 – 20 kilos

A spectacular storage pumpkin, the famous long-lived hubbard pumpkin arrived in marblehead, a coastal town in essex county, masschusetts in 1845, in the prisons of a west indian ship.

The seeds of the large green pumpkin originated in south america were shared with the local seed jh gregory. Experienced grower, Gregory has provided thousands and thousands of selections with the blue peel for this incredible pumpkin and has dedicated his career to marketing extraordinary fruits. Gregory credited Miss Hubbard as the person who originally gave him the seeds, he noted that she told him it was the best tasting pumpkin ever tasted.

Pumpkin with exquisite flavor, hard but relatively thin skin with bluish color, can be stored for up to 6 months, with simply delicious orange pulp. Depending on when it is harvested, the colossal blue hubbard pumpkin can weigh between 8 and 20 kilos.

This variety is usually used in the preparation of casseroles, soups, delicious pies or just cooked and sautéed with garlic in butter.

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