Soil characteristics identification

Anytime we will come with information about soil, such as:

– acid soils
– alkaline soils
– neutral soil

But how do we identify if a soil is alkaline? How do we identify an acidic soil? Or neutral?

For us lay people about soil; everything really trults a true word; we even think about giving up, so many difficulties, and without any explanation? How to go on and advent in culture of only some species we would like to have in our yard, if we do inquiry consultations with: necessary acid soil or need alkaline solo? Seem to be speaking pools…

Well, in truth for safe id, the best even would take a ph measurement test.

However, even without doing a deep soil analysis, you can have an idea if the soil in which you want to cultivate a species has a trend for acid, alkaline or neutral.

Alkaline soil in general has clear and white surface. It is rich in nutrients, but it usually causes rust on the most susceptible plants.

The acidic soil usually presents the surface with a dark color and when wet forms muddy puddles.

The neutral soil already has coloring intermediate characteristics between one type of soil and another.

Soils with ph between 5.5 and 6.5 is the most preferred of the plants.


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