Musa ssp. 'Helens Hybrid' - Banana Helen Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Musa ssp. ‘Helens Hybrid’
Cult: Helen
Common name: Banana Helen
Family: Musaceae
Origin: India (darjeeling in himalaia)


The species may grow at altitudes up to 2,000 meters. Very cold resistant species.

Recently discovered in the east himalaia region in india.

Musa sp. Seems to be a hybrid between musa sikkimensis and musa chini – champa; a cultivate with very tasty and sweet fruits. While chini – champa musa seems to provide quality and color to fruits, that is, red coloring on the ribs of their leaf and the lower lower lower; the other kind provides sweet and flavor in its fruits.

Probably is musa sikkimensis responsible for cold and frost tolerance.

The fruits have seeds, of course, but your fruit is extremely nice on the taste, very sweet and tasty; besides being able to be successfully cultivated in the colder regions of brazil.

Bananas seeds are not easily to generate, but it is very gratificant to see them successful.

We send to the seeds a manual (tested by us) and very successful in the germination of this kind.

An extremely rare variety in cultivation and an example that could not miss in our collection

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