Mimusops elengi - Spanish Cherry Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Mimusops elengi
Common name: Spanish cherry, bullet wood
Family: sapotaceae
Origin: South and Southeast Asia and Northern Australia
Height: 8 to 35 meters
Brightness: full sun, partial shading


Mimusops elengi (Spanish cherry) is a medium to large perennial tree with a dense and rounded crown that usually grows between 10 and 20 meters in height, exceptionally at 35 meters.

Found in tropical forests in South and Southeast Asia and Northern Australia, it is often grown in the tropics and subtropics, as an ornamental (where it is particularly prized for its fragrant flowers and edible fruits) and also for its wide range of uses.

Its wood is valuable, the fruit is sweet and edible and is also used in traditional medicine. As the trees produce they provide shade and the flowers give off a very pleasant aroma.

In its habitat it is found in lowland humid forests, quite common near the sea, but it can also be found in rocky places and forests at altitudes of up to 800 meters.

Cultivation details:
A plant from the hot tropical plains. It thrives in areas with mild or slightly seasonal rainfall, but is most commonly found in seasonally dry habitats. It is tolerant to light frosts, such as those that occur in Brazil.
It grows best in a sunny position, but it is shade tolerant. They adapt to a wide range of soils and are quite tolerant of the wind, and can be grown in coastal locations. It can tolerate soil flooding for up to 2 months. Trees can bloom and bear fruit all year round.

The fruit is ovoid and can be enjoyed fresh or canned, it is sweet and reminiscent of the apricot flavor.

The seed core contains about 22% oil. The fatty acid composition of the refined oil is: 64% oleic acid, 14.5% linoleic acid, 11% palmitic acid, 10% stearic acid and 0.5?henic acid. The nutritional quality of refined oil is considered comparable to that of peanut oil.

In medicine, its use is reported for several diseases such as inflammation of the gums, toothache, gonorrhea, snake bites, fevers, wounds, scabies and eczema; among so many others.

Other uses:
The flowers are very aromatic and retain their fragrance for a long time after they are dried. They are often used as a pillow filler, in garlands for decoration or for flavoring cabinets. An essential oil is also used in the perfume industry.

Wood: the heartwood is dark red or dark red-brown, usually with darker streaks. The wood is heavy, very strong, resistant and durable, even when exposed to the weather or in contact with the ground; resistant to the attack of marine drill and termites, widely used for general heavy construction, construction of boats and ships, bridges, doors and structures, posts, foundation sills, sleepers, among many others. The tree also produces firewood of the highest quality.

It is a species highly valued in garden ornamentation around the world and of surprising qualities. Very fresh seeds of this rare specimen.

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