Calocedrus decurrens - California Incense Cedar, Incense Cedar Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: calocedrus decurrens
Common Name: california incense cedar, incense cedar
Family: cupressaceae
North America
Brightness: Full Sun, Partial Shading, Shade
Height: 25 – 60 meters


A majestic example, extremely resistant to drought and frost.

A resinous and aromatic tree, calocedrus decurrens is a species of conifer native to western North America, mainly in the United States of America. Its range extends from the Midwest Oregon region, much of California, the western end of nevada to the northwest of mexico. It grows at altitudes from 50 to 2,900 meters above sea level.

The species is often called simply incense cedar without the regional qualifier.

A large tree that can reach up to 60 meters in height and a trunk diameter of up to 3 meters, already having a record of 69.8 meters high and 3.9 diameter.

The incense cedar is one of the most fire and drought tolerant plants in California, giving it a competitive advantage over other species such as pseudotsuga macrocarpa (douglas-fir) in recent years.

The species grows in a wide variety of soils, textures that can range from coarse to clayey sand. Given its superficial resemblance to other large cedars, incense cedar shows a surprising tolerance for hot and dry places with poor soils; however, the largest specimens tend to occur in sunny, well-watered places, such as riverbanks in canyons. Not flood tolerant

The tree is widely grown as ornamental in private gardens and parks around the world.

Its wood is exceptionally resistant to decay and is highly durable when exposed to weather. It is currently used for cabinet production. It was also the primary source for pencil making because of its softness and isotropy, and preferred by native Northern California people to light friction fires.