Nandina domestica - celeste bamboo, divine bamboo, sacred bamboo Seeds

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Scientific name: nandina domestica
Common name: celeste bamboo, divine bamboo, sacred bamboo
Family: berberidaceae
Origin: china and japan
Height: 2 meters
Climate: tropical and subtropical
Light: full sun or shadow.


**** in japan nandina domestica is considered herbaceous of luck, being cultivated since the thirteenth century in shady niches under the porches. Fruits are traditionally used to relieve asthma.

Extremely ornamentally leafing bush.

What makes this special plant is the coloring in a garden during the four seasons of the year.

In spring, the new leaf arrives in shines of bright red bronze, and is soon followed by numerous dogs of creamy white flowers.

With the change of season, green leaf becomes blue, bright green berries replace flowers and in summer fruit, the fruits ripen to bright red.

In autumn and winter the plant acquires orange, purple and red.

With gentle hair like bamboo, nandina is very valued for beautiful eastern effect and distinct appearance of her leaf.

Nandina slowly spreads underground caules, providing attractive groups for residence inputs, or large vases; especially attractive when features forming surprising vases on balconies or terraces.

Beautiful species, with porte generally around 1.50 to 2.00 meters height.

Your decorative berries are adored and devoured by various birds.

Very used in flower arrangements, ikebamas and for cultivation as bonsai.

Curiosity: in japan, nandina domestica is considered and cultivated as a luck plant.

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