Dichrostachys cinerea - kalahari christmas tree, chinese lantern tree Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: dichrostachys cinerea
Common Name: kalahari christmas tree, chinese lantern tree, aromatic pricesa earring.
Family: Fabaceae
South Africa
Height: between 5 and 8 meters high
Brightness: Full sun or half shade


Extremely ornamental and very aromatic shrub or tree with flowering hanging from bicolor tufts in shades of pink and gold that last almost all year.

The species tends to grow in forested areas and at altitudes up to 2,000 meters; It often occurs in areas with a strong seasonal climate, with a broad annual average temperature and an average annual rainfall ranging from 200-400 mm. The species is not soil demanding, occurring in a wide range of ph.

The leaves are highly palatable and rich in nutrients and the fruits and seeds are edible, feeding cattle, camels, giraffes, buffalo and other animals. These animals also feed on immature branches and tree leaves, which are rich in protein (11-15%) and minerals.

Flowers are a valuable source of honey. The wood is dense in nature and burns slowly, produces few sparks and smoke without toxicity, so it is widely used for firewood. Due to their generally small dimensions, their use is limited to items such as canes, tool handles and posts that are highly termite resistant and durable for over 50 years.

The species is widely used for erosion control, dune stabilization and soil conservation, livestock limitation and vegetable protection, nitrogen fixation and soil improvement.

In medicine, the bark is used to relieve headaches, toothache, elephantiasis dysentery. Root infusions are used to treat leprosy, syphilis, cough and as a diuretic. The leaves can be tapped to treat epilepsy. And many others …

Species very much appreciated in the art of bonsai.

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