Atropa belladonna - Deadly Nightshade, Atropa Belladonna Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: atropa belladonna
Common name: belladonna, atropa bella-donna. Devil’s Weed, Death Cherry, Deadly Nightshade
Family: solanaceae
Origin: Europe, Africa and Asia
Height: 0.90 – 1.80 meter
Brightness: shade, half shade


The atropa belladonna plant is highly toxic, fruits, leaves and root.

Despite the evident danger of poisoning, the plant is used medicinally in several diseases.

The name belladonna came from the historical use by women, due to the characteristic of dilating their pupils, where an extract of belladonna was used as eye drops by Italian women.

Atropa, referring to atropos, which was, according to Greek mythology, the deity responsible for the death of people.

Atropa belladona is a plant surrounded by myth, fear and admiration. In ancient times. Greeks and Romans were already aware of its deadly poison. In medieval times it was used by witches and sorcerers.

The species prefers its cultivation under the shade of trees and close to water courses. The soil variation will determine the percentage of medicinal properties contained in the plant.

The species is an important source for medicines, when properly handled by health professionals.

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