Arisaema speciosum - Double-Whip Cobra Lily Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: Arisaema speciosum
Common Name: Double-Whip Cobra Lily
Family: Araceae


This cobra lily from Nepal, northeastern India and southwestern China produces a large, reddish inflorescence in summer, clothed in a stunning dark purple or almost black spathe with vertical white stripes. The inflorescence and the spathe produce a long, whip-like tip. The glossy, single leaf has three large lobes. The foliage dies in fall and the plant hibernates as a bulbous rhizome and can survive even severe freezes with a little mulch. It is considered hardy down to at least USDA Zone 6 and must have moist but very well drained soil and a spot in filtered sun to look its best.

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