Layia platyglossa - Elegant layia, tidytips, tidy tips daisy, egg-fried flower Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Layia platyglossa
Common name: elegant layia, tidytips, tidy tips daisy, egg-fried flower
Family: asteraceae
Origin: california
Height: 0.20 – 0.40 cm.
Brightness: full sun


Tidytips is commonly found in dry habitats in California, in the desert of Monjave and Utah. It is a beautiful specimen for collections and wild gardens.

This annual bicolor is also known by the common name egg-fried flower. The height of the whole plant hardly exceeds 30 cm, forming a beautiful carpet or colored dots on our lawn.

The yellow-gold coloration lined with pure white on its jagged petals, gives this species the status of commercial wild daisy in California.

Their seeds are a source of food for birds.

The species is demanding on soils that promote good drainage, free from waterlogging.

The species self-sows, year after year, to present us with its show in flowering. They are beautiful together with other species of contrasting colors forming indescribable beds, like a true magic garden.

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