Cerinthe major - Honeywort, Pride of Gibraltar, Purple Wax Flower Seeds

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Scientific Name: Cerinthe major
Common Name: Honeywort, Pride of Gibraltar, Purple Wax Flower
Cultivate: purpurascens
Family: Boraginaceae
Height: 45 to 60 cm
Origin: Mediterranean


A species of enormous landscape value, its fantastic color combination is immeasurably heavy in any garden that is planted.

The whole plant is beautiful, its fleshy leaves are bluish-green and its flowering is simply unbelievable, bluish purple mixed with purple, and all colors harmoniously form a unique combination.

Very easy to germinate and grow, it can be planted in full sun in cold weather and half shade or full sun in warm weather. The species despite being annual self sows and becomes perennial where planted.

They make beautiful floral arrangements.

Your purchase will be a true invitation to several birds and hummingbirds.

A real joker!