Leptospermum grandiflorum - Large flower tea tree, Autumn tea tree Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Leptospermum grandiflorum
Common name: large flower tea tree, autumn tea tree
Family: myrtaceae
Origin: Australia
Height: 2.00 – 5.00 meters
Brightness: partial shading, full sun
Resistant to drought and frost (- 8º c)


Shrub or small tree, endemic to the east of Tasmania, semi-woody texture. With small greyish green leaves and very aromatic flowering, it is an excellent species for isolated planting in the landscape due to its distinct and indescribably beautiful characteristics.

This species of tea tree is highly ornamental, also known as the autumn tea tree, its silver foliage and relatively large white flowers are a beautiful gift since mid-summer and throughout the autumn season.

Habitat and distribution:
East coast (tasmania) on granite soils, in dense colonies in exposed positions or on rocky terrain like an understory in association with eucalyptus.

Its foliage is covered with soft white hair, which not only produces a silver color, but also protects the bush from the salinity of the air.

Its common name tea plant or tea tree is due to the famous English navigator james cook, for the use of its leaves for the preparation of tea during explorations in oceania.

Ornamental species widely exploited in apiculture for autumn flowering, in commercial cultivation for the unique display of the whole set and in the art of bonsai.

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