Cryptomeria japonica - Japanese Cedar, Sugi Seeds

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In Japan it is known as sugi.

Family: cupressaceae
Origin: Japan and China
Height: 70 meters
Diameter: more than 4 meters in diameter
Brightness: Full sun or half shade


Soils that retain good moisture and promote good drainage

Sugi is the national tree of Japan, usually planted around temples and shrines. In other parts of the world it is widely cultivated as ornamental because of the beautiful color of its foliage and its extraordinary size, forming a unique set.

Its wood is fragrant, reddish pink, light but very strong, waterproof and resistant to deterioration. It is widely used in japan for home building and interiors.

This giant of nature is fast growing and easy to grow.

Cryptomeria japônica is symmetrical, uniform and imposing, when planted together, form a beautiful screen of privacy and windbreak.

They can be grown in pots and make beautiful Christmas trees.

It is also much appreciated and highly valued in that region in the art of bonsai. One of the few conifers that regenerates after a cut and promotes new shoots.

1894 Record – feudal lord who was too poor to offer a stone lantern at the funeral of the shogun tokugawa leyasu (1543-1616), applied for permission to plant a sugi avenue where future visitors could be protected from the heat and the sun. The offer has been accepted, and the avenue that still exists is over 65 km (40 miles) long and is today one of the wonders of the world, of such imposing grandeur, breathtaking from any mortal.

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