Dracaena draco subsp. draco - Dragon Blood, Dragon Tree Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Dracaena draco subsp. draco
Common name: Dragon Blood, Dragon Tree
Family: Asparagaceae
Origin: canary islands, spain
Height: between 15 and 25 meters of height

Myth and symbolism for the famous dragon of the gardens…


Many trees call us attention for their size, others by his way, others for their longevity. The dragon of the canary issues, emphasizes the man for all that and much more. It has already millenies mysticism round that belisimo exemplar, wraps in a health of mysteries up to current. Says an old legend, that the dragons when dying transformed in dragons tree. This fossil living is, with all merchandise, the symbol of the canary islands and the greatest treasure of the spanish flora.

Tree symbol natural tenerife (canary islands, spain).

An example in tenerife made fame to be believed to be happened, similarly because it was derived by the wind in 1867, the oldest tree in the world.

In the current, the biggest and most famous dragon tree, is located in “icod de los vinos” (tenerife), is 17 meters of height and 20 meters of perimeter of its base, its weight is around 150 tones, without counting with your roots. His age has been very discussed, it has been said to be able to be more than 5 millions of age, but in most recent tests, it has been estimated that the same is between 800 and 1,000 years of age, having been declared in 1927 “national monument of national interest ”

The species display simpodial ramificação. The trunk grows straight for about ten years before the flowering and then produces its first ring of rings. About every ten years, each axle gives origin to another ring, so that the age of a tree may be estimated by counting the number of branch points to achieve the canopy.

Dry tolerant species of easy germination and cultivation.

When bark or sheets are cut together start to secret a dark red resin, one of the sources of the substance known as the blood of the dragon, used to timber wood, such as “stradivarius violins” and also to color varnishes.

Leaves and shells are also used for medical purposes.

Its appropriate aparence gives you a special highlight in gardens around the world.


The city museum in st louis has as structural support the dragon tree trunk, simply fantastic !!!

Dragon tree was used as a scene in marilyn monroe’s movie “some like it hot”, which was filmed on the 1958 ad.

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