Eucalyptus bridgesiana - Eucalyptus apple box, apple box, but-but, eucalyptus apple gum, eucalyptus apple Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: Eucalyptus bridgesiana
Common Name: eucalyptus apple box, apple box, but-but, eucalyptus apple box, eucalyptus apple, apple gum
Family: myrtaceae
Southeast Australia
Height: 15 – 20 meters
Brightness: Full Sun, Partial Shading
Weather: see description


Eucalyptus bridgesiana is a medium-sized tree that occurs in southeastern Australia, typically grass forests, low hills, along streams or near streams around the lower slopes of the great dividing mountain range; often in heavy textured alluvial soils.

Apple box wood is of no value compared to other eucalyptus trees; commercially, it is of limited use as it is softer and more fragile. However, the honey produced by bees that feed on their small white flowers is of the highest quality.

The ability of eucalyptus bridgesiana to withstand cold wet clay soils leads to the understanding that this tree has enormous potential in the recovery work with clayey gullies.

Juvenile foliage is much appreciated in floral arrangements for the beautiful heart shape and its very deep bluish-green coloration.

The species is very attractive to birds and a highly recommended honey bee.

A fine example for garden ornamentation that responds very well to training pruning.

There are records of beautiful specimens over 20 meters high and over 10 meters in circumference.

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