Nuxia floribunda - Forest elder Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: nuxia floribunda
Common name: forest elder
Family: stilbaceae
Origin: south africa, mozambique and zimbabwe
Height: 3 – 25 meters high
Brightness: full sun, partial shading


The genus Nuxia is found from South Africa to Arabia, including Madagascar, Comoros Islands and Mascarenhas Islands. It is a small genus with about 20 species in total. N.floribunda can be easily distinguished from the other members of the genus by its large and striking inflorescence.

Nuxia floribunda or elder of the forests as it is commonly called, is native to humid regions of Africa.

The natural distribution of the species extends from the Eastern Cape through Kwazulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and Limpopo Province, Mozambique and even in eastern and central tropical Africa. It is widespread in forests and on the banks of forests, in the belt of coastal and mountain forests. It is relatively sensitive to frost and drought.

The species usually grows between 3 and 10 meters in height, although occasionally it can reach 25 meters in height.

A beautiful shrub or small tree with a lovely dense and round crown, small, green, shiny leaves; and white flowers that are held in large clusters contributing to the great visual appeal of the species.

Nuxia floribunda is widely distributed in the forests of Africa, often along streams, in valleys and bordering rivers and streams.

Its root system is not aggressive or invasive, and can be grown near walls, pavements and paved streets.

A magnificent specimen, its very attractive nature makes of the species a joker of the gardens and, as prize, an indescribable and very aromatic melliferous.

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