Santalum album - Indian Sandalwood, Sacred Timber Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Santalum album
Common name: Indian Sandalwood, Sacred Timber
Family: santalaceae
Origin: india, southeast asia.
Height: between 4 and 9 meters height.
Luminosity: full sun


Santalum album or indian sandal is a small tropical tree, the best-known source of sandal. The holy tree of india.

The species has been used, cultivated and marketed for many years; a culture of great importance in your aromatic and medical quality. For these reasons, it has been extensivally explored, to the where wild population is extinction.

To preserve this vulnerable overview application, legislation protects the species, which has been declared as a national property by the government. Indian government also placed a ban for exporting wood.

The species still command high prices for your essential oil and can live for over 100 years of age.

Santalum album occurs from the coast in dried forests up to 700 meters altitude. It usually occurs in red, sandy or dusty soils, but can have a huge range in soil variety. This habitat has a temperature range from 0 to 38º c and annual precipitation of 500 to 3000 mm.

The tree is variable in habit. The plant parasites the roots of other species, but without much damage to their hosts.

Fruits are produced after three years and viable seeds after 5 years.

Sandalo wood harvest is preferable for examples already older, but your wood is commercial in young trees, age 7 years old.

Santalum album is one of the oldest of all known aromatic materials and has a background history for over 4,000 years. Highly reverented as a fragency sacred by many religions around the world has its use as wood, oil in religious practices, material for construction of temples and others.

In karnataka indian state, all trees of more than one specified perimeter are property of the state. Tree cuting, even in private properties, is regulated by the forest department.

A true and real preciousness to be cultured in our gardens.

An example ready of curiosities and stories.

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