Sorbus aucuparia - Rowan Tree, Mountain Ash Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: hippophae rhamnoides (elaeagnus rhamnoides)
Common name: sein buckthorn, sea buckthorn
Family: elaegnaceae


It is an abundant species in Central Europe. In Portugal it occurs in mountainous regions.

It shows a great need for light, being undemanding when it comes to soil. Withstands wind and cold well. It reaches heights of around 15 to 20 meters. The trunk is clean and the canopy light. The bark is smooth and brownish gray, rough with plaques.

The wood is white or reddish-white, compact, hard, tenacious, satiny and resistant. It is a wood appreciated by turners and sculptors. Fruits and flowers have applications, food and preparation of an alcoholic drink (Russian vodka is among these) in the case of fruits and preparation of a calming drink, in the case of flowers. A particularity of this species will be the interest that exists for wildlife, namely the fruit, which serves as food for thrushes, in the winter season. It is a species with interest as an ornamental, and there are some varieties for this purpose. He is interested in protection in highland pastures and as a secondary species.

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