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Botanical Nomenclature: Senna alexandrina
Common Name: Senna
Family: Fabaceae
Origin: Asia


Small in size and with yellow flowers, their pods, and especially their small leaves, are used in herbal medicine as a laxative, to eliminate gas and relieve symptoms of hemorrhoids – as it increases peristalsis.

This scientific name encompasses Cassia angustifolia and Cassia acutifolia, formerly considered distinct species.

It has sine acids A and B, flavonoids, mucilages, essential oils, glycosides, resins and reducing sugars. For treatment, tea is used. Because it tastes bitter (despite its faint odor), the addition of ginger or cinnamon can circumvent this issue.

It is a plant originally from India and Somalia, well adapted to tropical climates, used since the time of the Crusades in Europe.

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