Acanthus mollis - Acanthus, Tame acanthus, Giant weed, Bear's foot Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: acanthus mollis
Common name: Acanthus, Tame acanthus, Giant weed, Bear’s foot
Family: Acanthaceae
Origin: Mediterranean region
Height: 0.80 – 2.00 meters
Lightness: Shadow and Semi Shadow
Climate: see description below


Medium sized herbaceous perennial plant with abundant and lasting flowering. Native to the Mediterranean region of Portugal, Africa and Croatia. The species was introduced in other regions and countries where it eventually became naturalized and is cultivated for ornamental purposes.

White flowers and purple bracts on hard stems that enchant and enhance the shaded areas in our gardens.

The species is tolerant to soil and air salinity, prefers to be planted in semi-shade or shade, resistant to temperatures up to (-7 ° C) and develops best and becomes more exuberant in humid environments, bordering rivers, lakes or Water mirrors.

Very used for interior decoration, and also produces beautiful dry arrangements.

Roots, fresh leaves and flowers have emollient, astringent and antiseptic properties, as well as several other medicinal uses are also reported.

The leaf of acanthus mollis was represented and carved in the earliest architectural forms of classical antiquity. The species is considered by historians as the inspiration of the project for the Corinthian capitals of Greco-Roman architecture.

Species of easy adaptation and sculptural beauty.

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