Oxylobium ellipticum - Golden rosemary, golden shaggy pea Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: oxylobium ellipticum
Common name: golden rosemary, golden shaggy pea
Family: fabaceae
Origin: Australia
Height: 120 cm – 200 cm
Brightness: full sun, half shade
Climate: see description below


Species in the family of peas, a multi branched shrub that can be up to 2.0 meters high, resistant to drought and frost, new southern chickens, tasmania and victoria.

The flower of flowers and butterflies, the flower of other flowers, the butterflies and the blood vessels can be retained.

A copy to naturalize in wild gardens and flower singers training, providing color contrasts.

Easy germination, rustic, easy to adapt and cultivate, a magnificent specimen, which prefers its cultivation in sandy-clay soils, which provide good moisture and drainage.

Filtered sun exposure or the early hours of the day, shade and shade.

The species can be cultivated in pots and makes beautiful flower arrangements.

The species germinates easily and easily, can be a camping site, can be grown in mixed beds, along with other plant species, in groups or as a backdrop, in the shade or in the full sun.

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