Polemonium pauciflorum - Greek Valerian, Jacob's Trumpets Ladder, Pine Trumpets, Sulfur Trumpets Seeds

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Botanical Nomenclature: polemonium pauciflorum
Common Name: Greek Valerian, Jacob’s Trumpets Ladder, Pine Trumpets, Sulfur Trumpets
Family: polemoniaceae
Origin: Southwestern USA and Northern Mexico
Height: 35 – 45 cm
Brightness: Full Sun, Partial Shading, Shade
Climate: see description below


Jacob’s Ladder as is commonly known in Europe is a perennial plant and usually found in pastures, forests, shady river banks and woods.

The flowers in the shape of yellow trumpets and brush strokes in pink and red are the hallmarks of this beautiful example.

In ancient Greece, the root of the plant was used to calm toothaches and animal bites. In the nineteenth century, the plant was also found in European pharmacies for use in the treatment of syphilis and rabies. Today, the plant is not normally used clinically.

Currently the species is used in potpourris and honey production. The flowers are edible and used in the preparation of salads.

This species is more drought tolerant, but prefers rich soil that retains moisture and promotes good drainage. In warm regions of Brazil, it is not tolerant to direct summer sun in the hottest part of the day. During periods of prolonged drought, we suggest periodic irrigation so that the plant remains beautiful and healthy.

For some reason, cats seem to be attracted to polemonium plants, just like cat weeds. Precautions must be taken to protect them from our feline friends.

Due to the beauty of its foliage like ferns and trumpet-shaped flowers and its perfect adaptation in shady places, it is often explored and cultivated in rock gardens in both America and Europe.

The species is beautiful forming borders and demarcating paths along the garden, can be grown in pots adorning balconies and coloring interiors. It blooms in its first year in cultivation.

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