Alibertia patinoi / Borojoa patinoi - Borojó, Borojo Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Alibertia patinoi / Borojoa patinoi
Common name: Borojó, Borojo
Family: rubiaceae
Origin: ecuador, colombia, panama, costa rica
Height: 3 – 5 meters
Luminosity: partial shading, shadow.


Plant which grows wild from the south and west basin of the amazon river, in the area shared between peru, brazil and bolivia. Borojó as it is commonly known, is found on the pacific coast of colombia, as well as in the historic region of darien, on the border between panama and colombia.

The conditions of its growth in nature are of tropical forests, margeando rios in soil very rich in organic matter. Generally grows to the shadow of other trees

In colombia also found in small areas for local commercial culture.

The fruit is generally collected in primitive conditions. In the maturation, the fruit becomes a hidden coloring, and falls on the ground. Only the fruit can be harvested, and then the fruit has all the legendary properties that are assigned to it.

Borojó is a highly energy and nutritive fruit, owning exceptional properties for the food and health market. Its consumption goes from juices, jellies, sauces, sorvetes, wine, added in alcoholic beverages.

In colombia the borojo fruit was famous by its properties aclamated as aphrodisiac.

Borojo is a dioic plant, the male plants have cots of white aromatic flowers and the feminine plants have a single white flower in the head of the branches. Only the feminine plants produce fruits. Your fruits can vary between 8 and 12 centimeters of diameter and average weight of 750 – 1000 grams, where the pulp represents 88% of the total weight ..

Note: current classification places borojoa species in the gender alibertia.

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