Musanga cecropioides - Corkwood Tree, Umbrella Tree Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: Musanga cecropioides
Common name: Corkwood Tree, Umbrella Tree
Family: Urticaceae


A stunning, small to medium-sized, stilt-rooted tree with an umbrella-like crown of large, circular, palmate leaves that are divided to the base into numerous, long segments. It is native to a variety of humid, tropical forests in western and central tropical Africa, where it can be locally common. Like the closely related Cecropia, Musanga needs a lot of light to flourish and is often associated with disturbed sites where it takes advantage of gaps in the forest canopy. Musanga cecropioides is fast growing and adaptable, and a beautiful tree for the tropics. It is ideal for quickly creating a canopy and for erosion protection. Its wood is very light and the branches pithy. The tiny seeds germinate quickly in warm, humid conditions.

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