Liquidambar styraciflua - Liquidamber, sweet-gum Seeds

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Botanical nomenclature: liquidambar styraciflua
Common name: liquidamber, sweet-gum
Family: altingiaceae
Origin: usa and mexico
Luminosity: solo pleno, partial shading
Height: between 20 and 35 meters of height
Climate: tropical, tropical of altitude and subtropical


Liquidammbars are occurrently exploited as a high ornamental species for the intensive and diversified color of their foliage during all phases of the year and mainly in autumn and winter, when their leafs have a huge variety of green, yellow, orange and red tones, once simultaneously.

Known on the north american continent by “sweetgum”. So much scientific designation as the vulgar names allow your balsamic colors of amber, its aromatic resin, a very used and explored gum in perfumery and medicine.

A beautiful exemplary for planting in gardens and coloring years more gray and shadows.

Your wood is used to fold mobile and for cellulose production. Your dark cerne, coffee-cooked and contained coloring has been marketed under the commercial names of mogno and nogueira italiana.

Sweetgum prefers dry soils, rich in organic matter and that provides good drainage, but it is tolerant to dry after well established.

The species are quite rustic, tolerant to a wide variety of conditions, easy germination and cultivation; and fast growth.

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